December 12-22


We will take our Unit Assessment on Nutrition the week of December 12-16, please check your child's Agenda Book for specific date.


Our next unit will be: Love your Lungs

We will study the Respiratory System: identify the major organs of the system and describe what they do, describe the value of making the healthy choice to remain tobacco free, and practice proper breathing techniques for maximum health benefits. Community Health and Diseases of the Respiratory System: we will discuss major respiratory diseases (including asthma) and explain their impact on the community, develop responsibility for doing your part to prevent the spread of communicable respiratory diseases, and identify symptoms of lung disease and methods to prevent the spread of disease.  Smoking and Your Lungs: we will discover the effects of smoking on the lungs, describe the value of being a "smoke free me", practice saying "NO!" to risk taking behaviors and practice resisting pressure from advertising.